Ok so I’ve been riding leader frames
For about a year and a half. I’ve ridden a 721tr, 722tr steel, 725tr 2010, 725tr MID 2011, and a 735tr, soo I don’t know why I’ve been hearing such bad reviews, put it this way these frames are really tough, I’m a hard rider, from training, commute, and group rides, these frames can take such a nasty beating and still maintain, LEADER BIKES maybe a young company BUT they make up for it in product, JUST cause bike snobs that ride bianchi and other top named frames say they suck doesn’t mean it’s true, so take it from me who has ridden these frames, they are really good and decent track and street frames.


  1. cansonnn said: I think they only get the bad talk because they rushed their frame geometry and designs. The Mordecai snapped even if they were proton back then and they’ve kept the same geo for quite some time. Its also a fad right now that every new super hipster brakeless 4 life…
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